“The Bishimbayev Case”: the dictate of public opinion over legal culture?

“The Bishimbayev Case”: the dictate of public opinion over legal culture?


But state prosecutor Aizhan Aimaganova, on the contrary, became almost the main object of veneration in the country, immediately eclipsing all pop, sports, media and other “stars.” Although she opened her Instagram profile less than a month ago, after the start of court hearings, almost 300 thousand people have already subscribed to her. Particularly zealous fans, without hesitation, put her on a par with Manshuk Mametova and Aliya Moldagulova, girls who died heroically during the Great Patriotic War. This is an extremely rare phenomenon, even on a global scale, to glorify in this way a person whom the state appointed as a prosecutor in a trial in one of the many criminal cases, even a high-profile one./// In the mid-1960s, District Attorney Jim Garrison became famous in the United States, who, not believing the official version of the circumstances of the assassination of John Kennedy, began his own investigation. So he really risked, and not only his career, but also his life. However, even he did not receive the glory that the hitherto little-known employee of the Kazakh prosecutor’s office received.

Итоги столичной недели: Тайна семи тысяч стадионов и геоинформации






Более семи тысяч спортивных объектов в Казахстане оказались ...фиктивными


21 апреля – День Сухопутных войск РК


В состав Сухопутных войск организационно входят четыре региональных командования «Астана», «Восток», «Запад», «Юг», соединения и части тылового и технического обеспечения, Военный институт Сухопутных войск и Военный колледж Министерства обороны имени Шокана Уалиханова.


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